Always try to live a different year every year. In my experience, the unhappiest people around me were stuck living the same year over and over.
- Mark Boberg


September 17th of this year, my father, Mark, passed away. He was a gifted engineer and statistician who never met an engineering challenge without a solution. I would not be who I am today without his guidance and influence.

My father taught me that anything you want to understand, you should disassemble, and everything can be disassembled. My first computer was an old IBM luggable he fished out of the trash at our local independently-owned electronics store and returned to life with nothing more than can-do attitude and a soldering iron.

I am a hacker because of my dad.

Hacker culture is a vast diaspora of artists, thinkers, teachers, builders, and breakers. Mark was all of these things and more. Depending on who you ask, the ‘hacker’ moniker is not one you give yourself, but one that is bestowed upon you by another.

Mark was one of us. We are all the lesser from his absence. May you prototype in his memory.